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Auto fading backgrounds

Ever wanted you sites backgrounds to automatically fade between different images or textures? Well here’s a quick guide on how to do it! You can see an example of how it looks on a live site on my Password Generator site, the background texture will change every 8 seconds. View example Lets get started First off we’re going to start out with a basic website layout. It includes a copy of jQuery (Google hosted of course), a currently empty JavaScript … Continue Reading →

IE comments before doctype

Spent a good day or two hunting out an IE only bug in a website I was working on. I was using a jQuery plugin for the first time and even when I stripped out my site to the most basic state, it was still slow as hell and not bothering to show what it was supposed to. By a pure stroke of luck I read a comment on Reddit that Internet Explorer reverts to quirks-mode if you put a … Continue Reading →

Review Roundup 1

FILMS Looper An absolute quality Sci-Fi film. I genuinely reckon this will go down as a modern classic a-la The Matrix or Fight Club. There was so much to take in I reckon you’ll only pick up on the details in repeat viewings (like the neon arrows pointing to danger). 9/10 MUSIC Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud Seems like Devin has merged all the styles of his last 4 DTP albums into one for Epicloud. I’d say it probably sounds … Continue Reading →

the easy Password Generator

Fed up with thinking up your own passwords? I sure was sooooo… creates random stong passwords at the click of a button 😀

Sublime theme Dd-Waher

After al the hype I’ve finally switched over to Sublime Text from Notepad++ and gotta say I absolutely love it. The UI is fantastic and the command line is awesome, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+P and you can hunt for new plugins or uninstal ones you’ve got – simple as! The only thing missing is a decent theme, the default theme is pretty good but it doesn’t pick up on things like “< ?php” tags. I used … Continue Reading →