Jade Pavillion

Jade Pavillion

In Awe of the Untapped Reserve E.P:

Recorded back in 2006/2007 at Dd studios JP’s debut E.P. contains our greatest hits

  1. Explosion #1
  2. Kiss the Sky
  3. Rattlesnake
  4. Vodka Moonlight
  5. End of a Dynasty

-= Download – 28.6MB =-


“Jade Pavillion is less of a band and more of a musical force.” – Quincy Jones.

JP first started out with John, J and Dom as the open mic jam band “Piss Artists” best known for the feelgood instant hit “Peaches and Cream”.
They slowly began to write serious music and in December 2005 decided a name change was called for. Things looked good for the budding new band but during the Rattlesnake sessions that J parted ways.
The duo plodded on finishing Rattlesnake and wrote the instant hits “Waste My Time”, “Kiss the Sky” and “Vodka Moonlight”. In the Summer of 2006 they decided to record their debut E.P. and a chance jam with Dave Todd resulted in him permanantly joining the band.
The E.P. was an instant hit selling 5 copies (by selling we of course mean gave away). The band also acheived the giddy highs of placing 4th in the National Student Bands contest 2006.

2007 saw JP playing an acoustic set covering Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “Sweet child of mine” and Audioslave’s “Doesn’t remind me” as well as fan favourite “Waste My Time”.
In the summer of 2007 JP played the legendary Mojos stage at Reading University. Unfortunately due to prior commitments Dave Todd was unable to perform and Andrew Gleeson stepped in to take his place.
After the songs debut the week prior “Explosion #1” was recorded at Dd studios and became the bands latest instant hit.
The band has since been on a lengthy hiatus due to distance apart but has recorded a new demo known as “New One” (rumoured to be an instant hit in the making).
Watch this space for the return of the legendary JP.

Band Members

Current Members:

  • John Roberts – Lead Guitar, Vocals (Dec 2004 – Present)
  • Dom Crook – Bass Guitar, Production (Dec 2004 – Present)
  • Dave Todd – Rhythm Guitar, Piano (June 2006 – Present)

Previous members:

  • Jason Hill – Acoustic Guitar (Dec 2004 – April 2006)
  • Andrew Gleeson – Rhythm Guitar (July 2007)
  • Anthony Forsyth-Forrest – Drums (July 2007)


Live @ Reading Uni Live @ Reading Uni Open Mic


Rattlesnake live @ Reading Uni

Rattlesnake pre-studio warmup

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