The E3 Game


-= E3 Game – 9.45MB =-


Tristram Dave Chris

Well at least this one is supposed to be a cheesy sort of bad!
It’s based around my corridor (E3) in my first year of uni, the original idea was to create a level around each person but i got bored around level 4.

It was made in The Games Factory but doesn’t work properly in Windows Vista / 7. If you have XP then enjoy in its full brilliance.


  1. Tristram – Grab the MalteasersTM but avoid those healthy CarrotsTM!
  2. Dave – Feel the speed of racing in a genuine F1 car!
  3. Chris – Ride around like a skateboard legend and perform 2(!) tricks!
  4. Rob – Rock out to the intro of Metallica’s Enter Sandman in this rhythm game – Created before Guitar Hero existed!


Level 3: kustom
Level 4: nokia

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