The Cyber Attacks on IoT

According to the IHS, there are two main ways to create a hacker’s paradise: control the physical infrastructure and gain access to all the services that take place at a physical place.

Locations like financial institutions or manufacturing plants are prime targets as they allow a hacker to turn machines into zombies and to infect all the products and services that will be handled there. The report also suggests that cyber attackers often bypass cybersecurity software and in some cases, to obtain control of the data.

“The use of the IoT to infect devices as a way to disrupt operations and get access to critical networks presents the potential for incidents to occur,” the report stated. “This has consequences in terms of disrupted services and potentially reduced product lifecycles as the number of devices for a particular device drops.”

For this reason, it’s vital to create an ecosystem that will allow cyber attacks to be handled with a more systematic way to address the threat. This could lead to industry specific standards and protocols that allow organizations to test for these attacks to ensure they’re handled with maximum efficiency.

The 2015 IoT Failure report revealed that 79% of businesses experienced an IoT failure during the year in 2015. This is a major reason that companies are starting to take cybersecurity more seriously. The report estimates that 90% of connected devices will fall under IoT breaches in the next 12 months.

For enterprises who aren’t familiar with what this means, these incidents would involve hackers compromising the devices that the company uses to conduct business.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity specialists from companies similar to Fortinet are also investigating ways to help companies better assess the security posture of its own systems as well as that of the connected devices within it.

That’s because connected devices are becoming more pervasive, which makes it easier for a hacker to exploit. Those tools could include the creation of better security awareness programs that make businesses more aware of the security risks that the IoT pose.

The problem is that IoT security is still not clear cut. The question is no longer whether IoT security can be enhanced, but what steps need to be taken to make sure that new businesses are not directly infringing on the sensitive systems that businesses have developed.

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