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Start8 – A proper Windows 8

Microsoft completely lost the plot with Windows 8. Everything they added outside the desktop is ugly and obstructive unless you’re using a tiny tablet.
You get possibly the worst UI I’ve ever seen in the App Store, I’m all for minimalist layouts from time to time but white backgrounds with small single colour square boxes that contain a single line of white text is frankly pathetic. You also get “Charms” menus that pop out of the side of the screen when you’re trying to work, shutdown buttons hidden away in 4 or 5 sub menus, invisible start buttons and a horrible full screen start menu.

Luckily Stardock have come to the rescue with Start8. It brings back a proper Start menu with all the pinning, popouts and search that Windows 7 start menu provides. It also reduces all the Windows 8 “Metro” tablet-style junk to a single, ignorable start menu button. So in effect you’re left with Windows 7 layout but with all the desktop improvements Windows 8 brings – Marvellous.

I hate having a rant, but Microsoft has just done a “St Anger”, hopefully they can pick themselves up and make a proper desktop OS in Windows 9.

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