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Review Roundup 1 – Dduckster

Review Roundup 1



An absolute quality Sci-Fi film. I genuinely reckon this will go down as a modern classic a-la The Matrix or Fight Club.
There was so much to take in I reckon you’ll only pick up on the details in repeat viewings (like the neon arrows pointing to danger).



Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud

Seems like Devin has merged all the styles of his last 4 DTP albums into one for Epicloud. I’d say it probably sounds closest to Addiction out of them (which is a great thing as that was my favorite!) but that might just be because Anneke Van Giersbergen is back singing on a few of the tracks.

The intro track is a little too gospel and the first half of the second track is a little too camp for my tastes but if you get past it, you’re left with a brilliant album.


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