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Top 5 Greatest Internet Musicians – Dduckster

Top 5 Greatest Internet Musicians

There are some seriously talented musicians out there on the interwebs, the kind that can put you off ever picking up an instrument again but also inspiring you to ditch your job and never stop playing.
Today I’ve decided to collect the best of the best and stick them in one of those “Top 10 things you can do with a burnt spatula” style lists. To make it to the list they must have been virtually unknown before youtube whisked them away to internet stardom.

Honorary Mention – Jack Conte – Flavors

Anywho lets start with an honorary mention, Jack’s not quite good enough to keep up on an individual instrument but collectively he produces some fantastic tunes! He plays and records everything himself and produces what he calls “VideoSongs” that have two rules:
1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

The vid above “flavors” is very atmospheric, the vocal harmonies are fantastic! but if you prefer things to be a bit more crunchy check out “These Days”

5) Electric Violin – Ed Alleyne-Johnson – Busking in Chester

This vid is a live recording from the streets of Chester, Ed’s playing is fantastic you just have to ignore parts of the video when the guy filming decides to stare at pidgeons… I used to rave about this vid all the time to the point where i was given a signed copy of his album by a friend! It was just a collection of covers done on violin and actually dissapointed me a bit so that’s why he’s at the bottom of me list.

4) Keyboard – Ronald Jenkees – STS9 Collab

haha what a legend, it’s difficult to decide if it’s an act or just his natural personality either way it doesn’t stop it from being a damn awesome tune! There’s quite a few crazy keyboardists out there but noone can match this guys enthusiasm (or funky riffs!).

3) Ukulele – Jake Shimabukuro – Ukulele gently weeps

Now this vid is old school as far as the internet is concerned but it well and truly deserves it’s place on the list. Who would have thought such a tiddly tinky little instrument could sound so good? Sure it’s technically a cover but i think there’s so much originality in his arrangement that it shouldn’t be held against it.

2) Drums – Vadrum – Super Mario 2

One of my drummer friends back home first showed me some Vadrum vids a few years ago, ever since everytime we’ve gone for a jam he’s been desperate to play Mario! You should check some of his other vids, his timing is spot on and he’s really creative with his beats, there’s even clips of him smashing out some dream theater tunes which gets some instant respect!

1) Acoustic Guitar – Erik Mongraine – Airtap

It was a close one between Erik and Andy McKee in the acoustic guitar category but personally i think Erik takes it. His album is deeply moving and atmospheric which Andy Mckee just can’t match.
This was the first video i ever saw of someone tapping on an acoustic like this and i was blown away by the harmonics and sound he can get out of it. Every note rings clear and at times its difficult to believe that there is only one guitar being played – absolutely brilliant!

I went to see Erik in London a while back and found it to be a bit surreal, he came out on stage sat down on a big cushion and just started playing it was probably as close to a religious experience you can get at a gig… There’s a few vids of Airtap kicking around on the net and what gets me is just how unique each performance is, they are all worth watching and the album version is pretty killer too.

There we have it, the greatest musicians on the web! There’s two instruments in my list that really shouldn’t be (Bass and Electric guitars) and truth be told that’s because i havn’t seen anyone that really impresses me (that isn’t already famous) so please hok me up and post some suggestions below!

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