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3 months later… – Dduckster

3 months later…

Well 3 months on and i have barely touched the site! I have decided to scrap building my own theme for this blog and just use a pre-made one as i don’t really have the time to make one.

So what have i been up to lately?
There’s been a few things on the go:

I updated and improved for a while but it isnt getting the traffic we originally hoped for. It looks like it might be the end of the road for the site – i’ll keep it live as an example of what i can do but i can’t see me putting more time into it.

Back in january i joined the local function band formally known as “programmed to function” now known as “no strings attached”. Weve played a couple of gigs together and have a few in the diary in the months ahead ita beej a great laugh 😀

I ran my own minecraft server for a while with some friends but ultimately my vpc wasnt fast enough to run it so another friend now runs his own on a meaty beast that we play on!

Finally i have redesigned its not live yet but hopefully it will get a thumbs up and replace the old site soon!


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