My next project

So I have finally started my next project – It’s been in the pipeline for a long time but I have finally settled on a format to work on so hopefully I will actually finish it 🙂

It’s going to be a full length premium game for Android possibly with a PC release if people are interested. It will have music from my good mate David Todd (keyboardist in prog band Filament) with a rough release date of “End of Oct 2011” (lets see how that one holds up haha)

This blog will start to be used as my development progress blog so there may be some in depth tech-y posts from time to time.
I’ve settled on using the libgdx framework for development to save as much time as possible when developing. The framework allows you to create desktop and android versions of the game simultaneously so you can quickly test what you have created.

I’m currently bashing out a proof of concept, when its done I’ll probably stick it on here and fully announce what it is I’m working on and snippets of other information

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