Top 5 of Everything 2013

A little delayed this year due to a few busy weeks but here it is… my annual top 5 of everything!


  1. TesseractAltered State – Well… what can I say about this one… Not only is this the best album of the year but I actually reckon it’s my favourite of all time. I have no joke listened to this entirely at least once every 48hours since it came out back in easter. the production is this album is unreal and the bass tone was a real growl to it that’s just unmatched. If you haven’t heard it and don’t mind a bit of crunch in your music, just buy it and give it a few listens.
  2. Sithu Aye / Plini| -Only a 4 track EP but man has this stuck with me. well worth a listen and it’s pay what you want too!
  3. Queens of the Stone Age…Like Clockwork – One of there best, it takes a few listens but man is it good.
  4. Alter BridgeFortress – Somehow I’ve not enjoyed Alter Bridge’s latest much. All the ingredients are there but the end result is a bit flat. Good album just not great.
  5. Daft PunkRandom Access Memories – Not every song is great but those that are…are! Full of quality bass work from Nathan East too.

Honourary Mention: SkyharborBlinding White Noise – This would have been Number 1 on my list last year but I only found it earlier in the year. Dan Thompkins vocals are just ridiculously good. It even has guest solos from good ole Marty Friedman from Megadeth. Quality.


  1. Bioshock Infinite
  2. Walking Dead Season 2
  3. Total War: Rome II
  4. The Wolf Amongst Us
  5. Kerbal Space Program

I’ve not played most of the years big hits (Tomb raider, GTA5, Last of Us) It’s been a busy year! Bioshock surprised me big time, I didn’t like the original as much as some people raved about but the new one really caught me. I also only found The walking dead games this year and wow are they great.


  1. Gravity
  2. Rush
  3. This is the End
  4. Alan Partridge
  5. Wreck It Ralph

I’ve not seen the latest Star Trek or Anchorman 2 so this list might be a little off but Gravity would almost definately still be #1. The opening 20 minutes are amazing and makes you realise that going to space is hard.


  1. Breaking Bad Final Series
  2. Game of Thrones Series 3
  3. British GP – F1
  4. Fresh Meat Series 3
  5. South Park Series 17

South Park has been on fire this year, I reckon the 3-parter might be some of the cleverest shows they’ve made. F1 was very poor this year, it was alright before they changed the Tyres around the summer break. After that it was a Red Bull walkover.
Of course top show of the year was Breaking Bad which did the impossible and somehow ended with a series better than any before it – quality.

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