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Code Igniter it is!

Spent far too much time fighting CakePHP into doing what I want it to do in the way it wants me to do it, so I have hopped across to CodeIgniter instead. Hopefully I’ll actually have something to show soon! (I do realise I’ve said this about all the projects I’ve worked on in the last year – haha) Also I realised I haven’t plugged my latest site on here yet, not solely my own work I’m just a part … Continue Reading →

2012 update!

So what’s been happening so far this year? Well the game I have been working on took a backbench last year as I had too many gigs going on and a new job in the fabulous world of F1! I’ve been spending most of my time learning CakePHP and building a new website based on it along with some tasty HTML5 canvas elements! More news when there’s something to show for it.

No Strings Attached

How do all! I’ve finished my bands new website! Check it out: Don’t forget to give us a like on facebook too! In other news this blog redesign is nearly finished as well, then its on to my secret next project ;oD you might get some sneaky snippets of info here so keep yours eyes peeled. -Dd

3 months later…

Well 3 months on and i have barely touched the site! I have decided to scrap building my own theme for this blog and just use a pre-made one as i don’t really have the time to make one. So what have i been up to lately? There’s been a few things on the go: I updated and improved for a while but it isnt getting the traffic we originally hoped for. It looks like it might be the … Continue Reading →