The easy Bitcoin Trading Calculator

It’s been quite a while on this-here blog but it’s time for another addition to my easy Web App Suite! If you day trade in bitcoins then the Bitcoin Trading Calculator is here to save the day! It can calculate the point at which a trade will begin to make a profit (Profit Threshold). It will also calculate the profits (or losses!) that a pair of trades will make. Along side the Password Generator and the Aspect ratio calculator, the … Continue Reading →

easy Password Generator – The Android App!

The last week or so I’ve been working on converting the easy Password Generator into an Android App. Well the fruits of my labors are now ready for the world to enjoy! Not only does the app match all the features of the website but clicking the password will copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting. There is a homescreen widget included as well so you can get hold of your passwords even quicker. Cheers – Dd

Cloud Shapes

I’ve launched my latest website: It’s a place to tell the world what you see in the sky. It’s been a great project to hone my PHP skills and given me a chance to learn CodeIgniter an MVC PHP framework and get my feet wet with some javascript API’s. I’d appreciate it if you checked it out 😀 -Dd

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Ever want to work out what aspect ratio a pair of sizes are? Or have an aspect ratio and want to work out what sizes fit? Then the Aspect ratio calculator is here to save the day! Along side the Password Generator, the Aspect ratio calculator is another addition to the “easy Web App Suite” – A collection of simple easy to use tools to help you get stuff done!

the easy Password Generator

Fed up with thinking up your own passwords? I sure was sooooo… creates random stong passwords at the click of a button 😀