Auto fading backgrounds

Ever wanted you sites backgrounds to automatically fade between different images or textures? Well here’s a quick guide on how to do it! You can see an example of how it looks on a live site on my Password Generator site, the background texture will change every 8 seconds. View example Lets get started First off we’re going to start out with a basic website layout. It includes a copy of jQuery (Google hosted of course), a currently empty JavaScript … Continue Reading →

IE comments before doctype

Spent a good day or two hunting out an IE only bug in a website I was working on. I was using a jQuery plugin for the first time and even when I stripped out my site to the most basic state, it was still slow as hell and not bothering to show what it was supposed to. By a pure stroke of luck I read a comment on Reddit that Internet Explorer reverts to quirks-mode if you put a … Continue Reading →

ADD Computers

Here is the latest website I have finished: ADD Computers. A site dedicated to offering he best bang for buck machines available in your price range. (woop!)

The Cyber Attacks on IoT

According to the IHS, there are two main ways to create a hacker’s paradise: control the physical infrastructure and gain access to all the services that take place at a physical place. Locations like financial institutions or manufacturing plants are prime targets as they allow a hacker to turn machines into zombies and to infect all the products and services that will be handled there. The report also suggests that cyber attackers often bypass cybersecurity software and in some cases, … Continue Reading →

future of

I have now decided what to do with this blog! I was considering deleting the whole thing but i love having a central place to view all the projects ive been involved in over the years! So don’t expect any more guides or tutorials as this site will evolve into a hub of my online projects. First up is restyling this site as its a little gareish and frankly does not need to look fancy. Next ill add info on … Continue Reading →