Top 5 of Everything 2012

It’s that time of year again the one all of you have been waiting for… my top 5 of everything! Music Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud – Quality album, it’s a little bit of everything and meaty throughout. It’s most similar to “Addicted” and just as good. Cloudkicker – Fade – Another meaty slighty proggy riffy beast from one man band “cloudkicker”. I actual prefer last year’s acoustic album but this is great too. Tenacious D – Rise of the … Continue Reading →

Web hosting services

Web hosting is offered by web hosts that rent out their computing servers. Those hosting services pay for your operating system (and likely your web browser), and then you rent out space on the server to run a website. Sites that are hosted with DigitalOcean offer free web hosting and some bare metal instances. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have dedicated servers. Those that don’t have web hosting, often have servers that don’t need to be connected … Continue Reading →

No Strings Attached

How do all! I’ve finished my bands new website! Check it out: Don’t forget to give us a like on facebook too! In other news this blog redesign is nearly finished as well, then its on to my secret next project ;oD you might get some sneaky snippets of info here so keep yours eyes peeled. -Dd

3 months later…

Well 3 months on and i have barely touched the site! I have decided to scrap building my own theme for this blog and just use a pre-made one as i don’t really have the time to make one. So what have i been up to lately? There’s been a few things on the go: I updated and improved for a while but it isnt getting the traffic we originally hoped for. It looks like it might be the … Continue Reading →

SEO Categories

SEO helps in achieving all of these goals while also working wonders for your brands credibility and reliability. After all, a search engine is just an online keyword research tool, but it can really help your brand get noticed by your target audience. Search engines just like your online business, need to be up-to-date, searchable, well-designed and fast. Now, knowing that some of the major Search engines search for keywords based on the location where you live and the business … Continue Reading →