Top 5 of Everything 2012

It’s that time of year again the one all of you have been waiting for… my top 5 of everything! Music Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud – Quality album, it’s a little bit of everything and meaty throughout. It’s most similar to “Addicted” and just as good. Cloudkicker – Fade – Another meaty slighty proggy riffy beast from one man band “cloudkicker”. I actual prefer last year’s acoustic album but this is great too. Tenacious D – Rise of the … Continue Reading →

2012 update!

So what’s been happening so far this year? Well the game I have been working on took a backbench last year as I had too many gigs going on and a new job in the fabulous world of F1! I’ve been spending most of my time learning CakePHP and building a new website based on it along with some tasty HTML5 canvas elements! More news when there’s something to show for it.

Ludum Dare… failed!

Well I didn’t finish off my game for Ludum Dare, it was mid afternoon on the Sunday when I realised there was no chance of me finishing the game in time so i pulled the plug. I learnt a lot from the experience though – if I ever enter one again I need to make sure I have a blank project set up ready and waiting for the big day as i wasted a good hour or two on the … Continue Reading →

Ludum Dare 21

So I’m going to give Ludum Dare a try this weekend, the theme is “Escape” – I’ve got an idea lets see how it goes 😀

Helping Hand

I’ve been hard at work with my game over the last few weeks but quickly realised how big a task it is to develop a full game on your own purely in your free time. So I have joint forces with good friend Justin Pealing, this means that the game will not be a “Dduckster” game but a joint venture under a new name we agree on 🙂 The game engine is really starting to take shape, all the basics … Continue Reading →