Sublime theme Dd-Waher

After al the hype I’ve finally switched over to Sublime Text from Notepad++ and gotta say I absolutely love it. The UI is fantastic and the command line is awesome, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+P and you can hunt for new plugins or uninstal ones you’ve got – simple as! The only thing missing is a decent theme, the default theme is pretty good but it doesn’t pick up on things like “< ?php” tags. I used … Continue Reading →

2012 update!

So what’s been happening so far this year? Well the game I have been working on took a backbench last year as I had too many gigs going on and a new job in the fabulous world of F1! I’ve been spending most of my time learning CakePHP and building a new website based on it along with some tasty HTML5 canvas elements! More news when there’s something to show for it.

future of

I have now decided what to do with this blog! I was considering deleting the whole thing but i love having a central place to view all the projects ive been involved in over the years! So don’t expect any more guides or tutorials as this site will evolve into a hub of my online projects. First up is restyling this site as its a little gareish and frankly does not need to look fancy. Next ill add info on … Continue Reading →

Latest Project: Destiny Decider

Today I launched my latest project Destiny Decider, a collaboration with Dieter Groll. The jist of the site is that you can ask the questions on life that are important to you while others vote yes or no to your question or offer personal advice. Check it out and let me know what you think Cheers Dd

Spamtastic Junk

Spam is usually annoying but sometimes you get the odd jem tucked in amongst the trash, like this absolute beaut i got recently! If anyone can decipher what the hell he’s on about you win a prize! (please note winning the prize does not mean you will actually get a prize) “Yes undoubtedly, in some moments I can bruit about that I approve of with you, but you may be making allowance for other options. to the article there is … Continue Reading →