Upgrading Bootstrap 2.3.2 to Bootstrap 3

Today I upgraded my site http://cloudshap.es from Bootstrap 2.3.2 to the v3 RC2. When the Bootstrap folk said that “everything has changed” they sure weren’t kidding. I wanted to document every gotchya I encountered (and there were a fair few!) . I doubt you would bump into all of these as Cloud Shapes is heavily customised over the default Bootstrap look but you might find some of it useful 🙂 First up switching to the new Column sizing: I wasn’t … Continue Reading →

Cloud Shapes

I’ve launched my latest website: cloudshap.es It’s a place to tell the world what you see in the sky. It’s been a great project to hone my PHP skills and given me a chance to learn CodeIgniter an MVC PHP framework and get my feet wet with some javascript API’s. I’d appreciate it if you checked it out 😀 -Dd

Top 5 of Everything 2012

It’s that time of year again the one all of you have been waiting for… my top 5 of everything! Music Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud – Quality album, it’s a little bit of everything and meaty throughout. It’s most similar to “Addicted” and just as good. Cloudkicker – Fade – Another meaty slighty proggy riffy beast from one man band “cloudkicker”. I actual prefer last year’s acoustic album but this is great too. Tenacious D – Rise of the … Continue Reading →

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Ever want to work out what aspect ratio a pair of sizes are? Or have an aspect ratio and want to work out what sizes fit? Then the Aspect ratio calculator is here to save the day! Along side the Password Generator, the Aspect ratio calculator is another addition to the “easy Web App Suite” – A collection of simple easy to use tools to help you get stuff done!

Start8 – A proper Windows 8

Microsoft completely lost the plot with Windows 8. Everything they added outside the desktop is ugly and obstructive unless you’re using a tiny tablet. You get possibly the worst UI I’ve ever seen in the App Store, I’m all for minimalist layouts from time to time but white backgrounds with small single colour square boxes that contain a single line of white text is frankly pathetic. You also get “Charms” menus that pop out of the side of the screen … Continue Reading →