Auto fading backgrounds

Ever wanted you sites backgrounds to automatically fade between different images or textures? Well here’s a quick guide on how to do it! You can see an example of how it looks on a live site on my Password Generator site, the background texture will change every 8 seconds. View example Lets get started First off we’re going to start out with a basic website layout. It includes a copy of jQuery (Google hosted of course), a currently empty JavaScript … Continue Reading →

IE comments before doctype

Spent a good day or two hunting out an IE only bug in a website I was working on. I was using a jQuery plugin for the first time and even when I stripped out my site to the most basic state, it was still slow as hell and not bothering to show what it was supposed to. By a pure stroke of luck I read a comment on Reddit that Internet Explorer reverts to quirks-mode if you put a … Continue Reading →

Web hosting services

Web hosting is offered by web hosts that rent out their computing servers. Those hosting services pay for your operating system (and likely your web browser), and then you rent out space on the server to run a website. Sites that are hosted with DigitalOcean offer free web hosting and some bare metal instances. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have dedicated servers. Those that don’t have web hosting, often have servers that don’t need to be connected … Continue Reading →