Table Striping with jQuery

For those of you that don’t know what jQuery is click here for a primer! Table Striping is when table rows are given alternative colours (yes colours not colors :)). Here’s a demo of what we’re going to create! The old way The old and slightly tedious way of Table Striping was to add a class to alternative <tr>‘s. Sure it works but it is a manual process and you wouldn’t really want to have to edit a table with … Continue Reading →

Intro to jQuery

If you’re relatively new to web development you’ve probably seen the word jQuery pop up time and again and thought to yourself “Eh? What’s that?”. Sure you could head to the official site and read through a load of tuts but sometimes it’s nice just to have an independent primer: What is jQuery? Well basically it’s a small, powerful, easy to use JavaScript library. It gives you access to the whole DOM allowing you to create fancy UI’s and behind … Continue Reading →


How do and Welcome to! “What is” i hear you cry, well it’s a blog for me to post funny stuff off the net i stumble into and collect together some web devlopment tips ‘n’ tricks. I’ll be writing short tutorials on jQuery, PHP and other tidbits whenever I uncover a something that makes me think “huh, thats handy!”. I’m a keen Bass Player (a 6-er if you must know) so there will probably be music based posts … Continue Reading →